In February 2002 the company applied for its operating authority to haul contract freight for a worldwide agriculture chemical company based out of Greeley Co. with plants in Billings Mt, Greenville Ms. and Greeley Co. called Loveland Products. We started out at this time as a small one truck and trailer operation. Through dedicated attention to customer service and hard work we proved ourselves over the course of time and Loveland Products started giving more and more freight to us. At this time due to financial constraints to purchase more equipment, a driver was put in the truck and Kevin went into the office to move the freight through outside carriers as a logistics operation. As freight increased more, in time we started to purchase more equipment and continue with the logistics operation as well.


In the summer of 2004 H.O.T. Express worked a contract with Loveland for them to sell their company trucks and H.O.T. would take over exclusively all their inbound and outbound freight. With Loveland removing their company trucks, the freight volume increased dramatically for us. We at this time purchased another small trucking company and it was official then with a small office staff and an increased fleet from 3 trucks to 12 trucks. It was also in the summer of 2004 that we started H.O.T. Logistics as a separate entity with a full broker’s bond and office staff to keep moving the increased flow of freight. Also in the summer of 2004 a temperature controlled fleet was started with contracts for all the Meadow Gold Daries plant in the state of Montana and Colorado.

Welcome to H.O.T. Express/Logistics

Through high quality service, we as a small company have grown and deal with many Fortune 100 and 500 companies that as a rule do not deal with small entities such as ourselves, but through dedication to customers we proved our credibility and these large companies started to work with us on several lanes of traffic. We have kept this core group of customers and continue to grow with these each and every year. Our motto here is we don’t want a thousand different customers; we want a select group of customers that can give us a thousand loads.


The customer base we have established a relationship with are all very financially sound customers with a year round steady freight volume for us. With a customer base like we have, it has been a mission of ours to pick freight lanes that work with other customer’s lanes so that we can continually provide the service that they require to keep the freight rolling efficiently.


Also the customers and freight we have chosen to work with are customers with recession proof freight; with the main products we haul are agriculture chemicals and basic dairy products such as milk, cheese etc.


H.O.T. Express/Logistics has experienced freight growth every year from inception. From a one truck operation to now running 42 company trucks with a full support staff, and loading numerous other carriers with our excess freight equivalent to a fleet of 70 to 75 trucks.


As we have grown we have added staff to match the increase in freight volume. Also as time has passed we have opened our own shop to work on the trucks to provide safe and mechanically sound equipment for the drivers, and also keep our cost down from repair work done in outside shops and to make sure they are operating properly to keep schedules set with customers.